Screen Customer

SwiftDil enables you to meet your AML screening commitments by allowing you to screen your customer against our comprehensive database. Depending on the scope, a screening request can include the following :

  • Watchlist
    A global database that covers Sanctions and CTF lists from the likes of UN, US, OFAC, EU, UK, Australia as well as over 2500 official lists e.g. Interpol, Europol, Wanted Lists, Human Trafficking, and many more. This highlights if your customer is a Special Interest Entity/Person (SIE/SIEP), or a Relative or a Close Associate (RCA) of a sanctioned entity.

  • PEP
    A global database for politicians, their family members, friends, Relative or Close Associates (RCA), and business partners.

  • Banned or Disqualified Entities
    Global database for Banned or Disqualified entities/persons (BDE/BDP) e.g. UK Companies disqualified Directors, India’s blacklisted companies, New York Stock Exchange MKT Disciplinary Actions, CEIS (Brazil) National Register of Debarred and Suspended Companies, and many more.

  • Adverse Media
    A globally-curated database sourced from highly-trusted media outlets and agencies (e.g. Agency Bulletins, SEC press releases, etc) which mentions Adverse Media Persons/Entities (AMP/AME) adversely such as corruption charges, fraud allegations, or financial crime.

Perform Screening

To screen a customer, click the ‘Run Screening’ button. You will be then presented with a dialogue, prompting you to select the scope of the screening. Select Global Watchlist Screening and Politically Exposed Person Screening, then click “Run Screening”.

Once the check is complete, the result summary shall appear under the “Check History” section. In this case, the result will be in an amber state, as a potential match was found and is awaiting your validation.

Test Data

Use the following sample customer details to test various match types for individuals:

First Name Last Name Screening Scope Expected Outcome
John Doe Any All Clear
Haristo Yordanov Watchlist SIP Match
Carmen Pereira PEP PEP Match
Rosalind Altmann PEP PEP Match
Paul Richer Watchlist RCA Match
Eldar Dachaev Disqualified Entities BDP Match

Use the following sample customer details to test various match types for companies:

Company Name Screening Scope Expected Outcome
General Industries Any All Clear
Asia Bank Watchlist SIE Match
Google, Inc. Adverse Media AME Match
National Financial Service Disqualified Entities BDE Match

The more information you provide about a customer, the richer and the more accurate SwiftDil screenings will be.

Not all customer screening requests will result in matches.