Verify Documents

SwiftDil offers an extensive array of out-of-the-box document verifications such as authenticity and integrity analysis for passports. Before you can verify a document, you need to create one.

Create Document

On the Customer Profile, select the Documents tab, then Add. Enter the following details:

Click Save. You should now see it under the Documents tab.

Unlike our API, you cannot choose between Image or MRZ document verification as SwiftDil will determine the type of verification needed, with precedence given to Image verification if an attachment is present, otherwise SwiftDil will perform MRZ verification.

Verify Document

Two verification types exist:

1. MRZ verification performs analysis checks on the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) values specified by the user.
2. Image verification performs image, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and MRZ analysis on the attachments associated with the supplied document.

To verify a given document, simply click on the corresponding Verify button under the Documents tab:

To view the results of a check, click on the Details logo next to the red exlamation mark. Once you are in the ‘Document Verification Results’ page, you should see the entire breakdown of the results.

If you would like to know more the underlying document checks performed by our API, head over to our API reference.

Test Data

Use the following sample documents to test our services in the Sandbox environment:

Document Type Country Front Side Back Side
Resident Permit UK UK Resident Permit (Front Side) UK Resident Permit (Back Side)
Visa UK UK Visa N/A
National ID Card France France National ID (Front Side) France National ID (Back Side)
Driving Licence France France Driving Permit (Front Side) France Driving Licence (Back Side)
Passport China China Passport N/A
National ID Card Poland Poland National ID (Front Side) Poland National ID (Back Side)
Passport Poland Poland Passport N/A
National ID Card Slovakia Slovakia ID Card (Front Side) Slovakia ID Card (Back Side)